How Peerless Precision Leverages Vertical Integration for CNC Turned Parts

Did you know that most lathe parts need secondary operations? CNC turning is usually the first stop on a longer machining journey that can require a wide range of capabilities.

If a machine shop doesn’t offer a full complement of secondary and finishing services in-house, they’ll have to outsource certain operations, adding cost and time to a project. So why not find a one-stop shop that does it all?

We leverage vertical integration principles at Peerless Precision, combining multiple capabilities under one roof to deliver high-quality turned parts complete and ready to go.

In-house Precision Machined Lathe Parts

CNC turned parts start in our lathe department, which includes 3 Okuma lathes and 2 Hyundai Kia lathes outfitted with bar feeders to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our customers. Our Kias can load up to 3″ diameter bar stock, and our Okumas can load up to 6″ diameter bar stock, both accommodating a range of quantities from a single prototype to mid-volume production orders of a few thousand parts.

But CNC turning alone can’t always achieve the high degree of precision or complexity our customers need. We leverage various secondary operations to satisfy stringent requirements.

We typically transfer turned parts to other departments, such as CNC milling, to machine ultra-complex features, like cut-out windows and shaft facets.

In our CNC Turning and Milling Departments, we can achieve tolerances of ± .0002″ and surface finishes measuring 16 Ra. When tighter tolerances and better surface finishes are required, we have grinding, honing, lapping, burring, and polishing operations available in-house that can produce tolerances as tight as a millionth of an inch, surface finishes down to 2 Ra, and flatness to 1 Helium Light Band.

Lathe Parts We Commonly Manufacture In-House

Interested in working with us for your lathe parts? We’ve assembled a list of components we frequently manufacture for aerospace and defense applications. (But if you don’t see your application here, rest assured we can probably still make the part you need!)

Aerospace components

  • Matched sleeve and piston setsCNC Turned Parts
  • Engine control components
  • End cap housings for landing gear
  • Shut-off sleeves for engine control systems

Commercial and defense optics components

  • Lens housings for microscopes and 3D measuring systems
  • Parfocal adapters for commercial optics
  • Regenerator pistons and sleeves for camera systems
  • Ryton tubes for cryogenic systems
  • Stator housings for cameras
  • Coldfinger weldments for defense optics and cryogenic systems (Fun fact: We make so many that we have a dedicated lathe just for these parts!)

In addition to aerospace and defense machining, we frequently turn specific medical components, like housings for cranial bone drills.

We have a broad range of capabilities for your lathe parts right here in our Massachusetts machine shop. And in the rare case that we can’t perform the operations your part requires, we’ll work with our trusted vendors and manage the entire supply chain, so you don’t have to.

When you need lathe parts, come to a true one-stop shop like Peerless Precision. Request a quote today!

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