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How Our Collaborative Approach to Precision Machining Benefits You

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In our industry, there is a common disconnect between design and manufacturing. As a result, we often receive part designs with over-engineered or impractical features—for example, unreasonably tight tolerances or unnecessarily strict plating specifications that will increase costs and lead times without any significant benefit to the part’s function.

As a build-to-print precision machine shop, we are dedicated to manufacturing the. That said, we are also always on the lookout for opportunities to save you time and money, and often that means speaking up to offer our expert opinion and collaborate with you to achieve optimal results.

Collaborating with Customers to Achieve Optimal Results

Working with our MA machine shop isn’t just an exchange of goods and services–it’s a partnership based on mutual success. As your precision machining partner, we’re determined to communicate with you to deliver the best parts possible.

Our experienced team of machinists understands the principles of Design for Manufacturability (we even wrote an eBook on it) and can suggest design modifications that result in cost savings and faster, more efficient manufacturing.

We’ll combine our precision machining expertise with your engineering knowledge to optimize your part. Our naturally inquisitive team asks questions like, “Why did you design these tolerances so tight?” and “Is there another way we can achieve this result?” We value knowing the “why” behind your design so we can make time and cost-saving recommendations.

In short, we view communication and collaboration as critical aspects of the manufacturing process and hope you do, too.

From prototype to production

Our collaborative approach proves most valuable when we work with you from prototype to production.

When we receive a prototype design, we build it to the initial specifications and determine whether the form, fit, and function fulfill our customer’s requirements. If not, we identify areas for improvement. This iterative process continues until our customer is satisfied and we deliver the best part possible.

Once the part reaches production, it’s a seamless transition because our team knows the part, our machines are already programmed, and we’ve done the upfront work to optimize the design for manufacturability.

Case Study: Our Collaborative Precision Machining Approach in Action


Recently, one of our defense customers wanted a new version of a part we’ve been making for them for 10 years. We manufactured the old version from aluminum, but the customer wanted us to make the new ones from tool steel.

However, the part is heat treated, and the combination of heat treatment and roughing out the part on the mill distorted the tool steel. So, our foreman reviewed the design with the customer to find a solution.

In the conversation, we learned that several dimensions and tolerances weren’t necessary for the part’s function. By knowing what tolerance and dimensions had a little wiggle room, we could manage the distortion to not affect the fit and function of the part.

This back-and-forth exchange is just one example of our collaborative approach at Peerless Precision. We strive to produce parts as close to perfect as possible, and we always include the customer in that conversation. It’s your part, after all!

Partner with Peerless Precision for Headache-Free Parts

We strongly believe that customers deserve a precision machining partner who relieves headaches—not one who causes them. We strive to be that shop for you by keeping an open line of communication and sharing recommendations for optimizing your part whenever possible.

When you partner with Peerless Precision, you work with a machine shop that has your best interests at heart. We’re not just going to deliver what you ask for but what you deserve—the very best.Ready to get started? Request a quote today.

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