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How Peerless Precision Mastered the Art of Optical Machining

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At Peerless Precision, complacency isn’t in our vocabulary. Our precision machine shop constantly seeks opportunities to expand our capabilities and tackle new manufacturing challenges. This drive has been particularly evident in our journey to becoming experts in the niche field of optical machining.

A decade ago, manufacturing the precise components used in cameras, vision systems, microscopes, and other optical technologies seemed unattainable for our machine shop. The stringent cosmetic requirements and tolerances, often measured in millionths of an inch, represented a steep learning curve for our team. However, we were determined to master optical machining to serve our customers better.

Embracing the Optical Machining Learning Curve

From that point forward, our team immersed itself in perfecting the processes and procedures critical to optical machining success, including:

  • Instituting stringent part handling requirements (like the need to wear cotton gloves)
  • Investing in specialized equipment, like a dedicated glass bead blasting cabinet
  • Mastering manual machining techniques such as grinding, honing, and lapping

From our CNC milling and turning capabilities to grinding and assembly, our precision machine shop has the in-house capabilities to manufacture even the most geometrically complex optical components from start to finish.

Building a Trusted, Deeply Vetted Supply Chain

In addition to our extensive in-house capabilities, Peerless Precision has cultivated a trusted supply chain partner network to handle specialized processes and services. Because optical parts require extreme precision and attention to detail, we hold these vendors to the same high standards as our own staff.

One time, we received plated parts back from a vendor and could instantly see fingerprints underneath the coating. When we pointed out the issue, the shop tried to pass it off, claiming the parts arrived to them in that condition.

However, our team knew that couldn’t be true, given Peerless’s stringent handling requirements for optical machining work. Even a stray fingerprint can ruin these sensitive parts, so employees must always wear protective gloves when handling them—a specification we also pass along to vendors.

In that case, we had no choice but to refuse the defective parts outright and have them replated by a supplier we could trust to adhere to the proper procedures. To prevent these issues from happening again, we only work with vendors who share our uncompromising commitment to quality.

Developing Rigorous Quality Standards

Of course, the right processes, equipment, and suppliers are only part of the equation. At Peerless Precision, we’ve implemented thorough quality control procedures in adherence with our ISO 9001:2015 certification to ensure perfect parts every time, including:

Optical Machining

  • Thorough part inspection to identify any cosmetic defects or imperfections
  • Leaving adequate material stock to account for potential heat treat distortion
  • Continuous part refinement based on customer feedback and collaboration
  • Tight process controls to hold tolerances down to 0.000005.”

This strict focus on quality allows us to manufacture the best optical components for applications in aerospace, scientific instrumentation, and medical devices.

The Peerless Optical Machining Advantage

Trust Peerless Precision’s manufacturing expertise when you need flawless optical components produced with unrivaled precision. With our robust in-house capabilities, deeply vetted supply chain network, and rigorous quality standards, we’ve become a leading partner for machining complex optical parts.

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