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4 Reasons to Outsource Mechanical Subassemblies to Peerless Precision

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As an AS9100D & ISO-certified machine shop, Peerless Precision has built a reputation for delivering high-quality parts with uncompromising accuracy. But you may not realize that our commitment to quality doesn’t end with the precision machining of individual partswe also specialize in complete mechanical subassemblies.

What Are Mechanical Subassemblies?

Mechanical Subassemblies

These units are made of multiple machined components that fit together into a larger assembly. Off-the-shelf components may also be involved. Examples of mechanical subassemblies we frequently make at Peerless Precision include:

  • Matched valve and sleeve sets
  • Alternator housings
  • Control mounting plates
  • Crankcase assemblies
  • Complex multi-part pistons
  • Cap assemblies for landing gear

We primarily build mechanical subassemblies for the aerospace and defense industries, but we’ve also done some assembly work for our medical customersincluding prototyping for prosthetics!

Many customers take advantage of our ability to manage the entire manufacturing process. In addition to machining your parts in our AS9100D & ISO-certified machine shop, we work with outside suppliers to secure additional parts when needed—whether off-the-shelf components or parts ordered from a previously approved shop.

Once we have all the necessary parts, we’ll assemble them and ship the units to your door.

4 Benefits of Outsourcing Subassemblies to Peerless

Here are the key benefits you can expect when you have our AS9100D & ISO-certified machine shop handle your mechanical subassemblies rather than just supplying individual machined parts:

Supply chain consolidation

Rather than dealing with multiple suppliers for your different components, you get everything you need from a single trusted supplier. We’ll manage the entire supply chain, securing all third-party pieces and combining them with our precision-machined parts into the final subassembly.

Lead time reduction

With Peerless managing the entire procurement and assembly process, you can expect to receive your completed subassemblies much faster than you would otherwise. We’ll leverage our trusted supply chain to get the needed parts and assemble, inspect, and test them in record time.

In-house quality control

Because all your components are sourced from and assembled in our AS9100D & ISO-certified machine shop, we can ensure all mechanical subassemblies meet our exacting quality standards before leaving our facility. Our prices include a thorough inspection and testing of each completed subassembly, so you won’t pay extra for this service.

Less work for you

When you outsource your subassemblies to Peerless, your team saves the time and effort needed to build the subassemblies yourselves. Your units will arrive ready to integrate into their higher-level assemblies, creating greater efficiency on your end.

Work With Our AS9100D & ISO-Certified Machine Shop

Our team has extensive experience building mechanical subassemblies for the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. Because we specialize in highly complex parts, there are few assemblies we aren’t equipped to handle. As long as they fit within our doors (and don’t require any electrical components), we have the in-house capabilities to support you!

If you need your mechanical subassemblies produced with the highest levels of accuracy and quality control, contact Peerless Precision. We’d be happy to take this process (and the headaches that come with it) off your plate.

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