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In-House Laser Marking Services for Machined Parts

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When the police caught the Boston Marathon bombers, we learned that the camera that identified them contained parts made by Peerless Precision.

How did we know that?

The parts had laser-marked serial numbers that could be traced back to our shop.

From security cameras to jet engines, serial numbers are vital in ensuring traceability and accountability for machine shops like Peerless Precision that specialize in medical, defense, commercial optics, and aerospace machining.

Over 90% of the parts we machine require serial numbers. So, 15 years ago, we added laser marking to our list of in-house finishing capabilities.

Benefits of In-House Laser Marking

Peerless Precision’s in-house laser marking capabilities do more than empower customers to utilize parts confidently. We achieve faster lead times and cheaper production by removing a third-party laser marking company.

Parts stay in our capable aerospace machine shop from start to finish, ensuring truly peerless results.

Improved lead times

We brought laser marking in-house to make life easier for customers. Without the back-and-forth shipping, we streamlined our process and improved customer lead times.

Cost-effective production

Our direct control over the laser marking process allows us to manage costs more effectively. Our customers also avoid potential markup costs or additional shipping fees associated with outsourced laser marking services.

Precise customization

We can customize laser markings based on customer requests, from specific fonts to intricate pictures.

Our laser marking machine is on the small end, but it’s adaptable. We’ve optimized the settings to handle all the parts we produce, and the machine can laser mark letters and logos as large as 4”.

Fun fact: Our machine once engraved a Grateful Dead poster on a 0.5” square, and we needed a jeweler’s loupe to see all the details!

Ensured quality and traceability

Laser marking isn’t just about branding. In defense and aerospace machining, part traceability is required to meet AS9100 standards. Traceability is also important in the medical industry.

If parts malfunction in these high-stakes industries—for example, if a pacemaker fails or a jet engine quits—tracing the origin of parts is crucial to preventing future crises.

The serial numbers and logos we laser mark ensure this traceability.

Designed to Meet Customer Needs

Laser marking

Our thorough laser marking process enables us to work with detailed customer instructions. We can accommodate specific font sizes, font types, and even guidelines regarding the appearance of serial numbers. For highly customized orders, we appreciate detailed requests so we can get your order right the first time.

We’re equipped to meet nuanced needs like adding a starting letter or number to serializations. For example, if parts for a customer’s shop in San Francisco need to start with SF and parts for their second shop in Cleveland need to start with CL, we can make it happen.

Enhanced data security

We’re committed to protecting customer data. Our laser marking system is controlled through a dedicated computer that’s isolated from our primary network. We also perform monthly backups to an external hard drive, ensuring that all new programs and serial numbers are stored securely.

Complete Machining Solutions

Many companies only offer laser marking services, but Peerless Precision proudly provides an all-in-one solution. We can machine and laser mark parts in our aerospace machine shop, helping clients avoid the hassle of coordinating between different vendors and services or facing potential quality issues.

Our one-stop-shop approach reflects how much we value customer satisfaction. By manufacturing and laser marking parts under one roof, we ensure parts are on time, high quality, and designed to meet every need, no matter how specific.

You know what they say: happy customer, happy manufacturer.

Request a quote today for your next medical, commercial optics, defense, or aerospace machining project.

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