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Plastic CNC Machining Services at Peerless Precision

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Have you been turned away by job shops that avoid machining plastic?

Many shops will only work with metal because plastic can clog up machines. Moving metal through the coolant system and filters is a much cleaner process.

At Peerless Precision, we’re happy to discuss your plastic machining needs. We have a filtering system to prevent clogging and machines dedicated to plastics. And we’re always up for a challenge!

Here are some common materials we use when providing plastic CNC machining services and a quick look at their benefits and applications.


Onyx™ is a micro carbon fiber-filled nylon. This strong, tough, and chemically resistant material can be reinforced with continuous fibers to produce aluminum-strength parts. We use a 3D printer to create parts from Onyx, then finish them using CNC machining processes. Common applications include plastic part replacements, housing, sensor mounts, and cosmetic prototypes.


G-10 is a glass-epoxy laminate known for its exceptional strength and high dimensional stability over temperature. It has a high level of electrical insulation and a low water absorption rate. G-10 is durable, affordable, and easy to work with. Typical applications include terminal boards, high humidity applications, electrical and electronic test equipment, and electric rotor insulation.


Vespel® is a high-performance polyimide resin. ​​This material can withstand extreme temperatures (hot and cold) and is often used in high-heat conditions where thermoplastics lose mechanical properties. Vespel has a low and consistent thermal expansion coefficient and excellent creep characteristics, allowing parts to be machined to tight tolerances. Common aerospace and space applications include bearings, bushings, valve seats and seals, and thermal isolators.


Polyurethane is a material made from polymers and urethane. It’s resistant to abrasion, heat, solvents, oil, and acid. We generally order polyurethane in 3’-12’ round bars, which we run through our lathe and finish with a precision toolroom lathe. Since polyurethane is excellent for high-load and high-stress environments, typical applications include conveyor belt systems and aerospace components such as sleeves.


ryton tube plastic cnc machining services

Ryton® is a high-performance thermoplastic that’s resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. It has high dimensional stability, which offers a rigidity that other plastics don’t. Ryton is flame retardant and high-stress cracking resistant. Common applications include electronics, automotive, aerospace, and chemical.


​​Rulon® is a low-friction, self-lubricating plastic. It has excellent abrasion resistance and can be used in a wide range of temperatures (-400 degrees Fahrenheit to 550 degrees Fahrenheit). We primarily use Rulon J in two different forms: bars and sheets. However, we have access to all grades. Typical applications include seals, piston rings, and bearings.


PEEK is a high-performance plastic that’s highly resistant to harsh chemicals. It’s also hydrolysis resistant to steam, water, and seawater. PEEK maintains stiffness at high temperatures and can withstand environments up to 338 degrees Fahrenheit. Common applications include space, aerospace, oil and gas, food and beverage processing, and semiconductor.

Get the Parts You Need with Our Plastic CNC Machining Services

Are you looking to create a prototype? Plastic can be a great alternative to metal during prototyping. Although a plastic prototype won’t function like the final metal part, you’ll have the opportunity to test fit and form quickly and cost-effectively.

Whatever your project requirements, our machine shop in MA will work with you to make the parts you need from your desired materials. Request a quote for our plastic CNC machining services today.

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