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Work Hard, Play Harder: A Look Inside the Culture of Peerless Precision

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“I had no idea how many closet bakers I had in this company who are making recipes from the heart—not reading recipes like I do.”

That’s what Peerless Precision’s president, Kristin Carlson, discovered during the company’s three-week holiday bake-off. The event is one of many fun activities the MA machine shop plans to repeat for its workers.

As a Peerless Precision employee, you don’t just clock in and clock out. Instead, you become part of a team that works hard and plays harder. Take a look inside the culture of our ISO-certified machine shop.

What Distinguishes Peerless Precision’s Culture

Here’s a brief overview of what sets our culture apart:

Fun events

The team at Peerless Precision gets the job done while having a little fun in the process. In addition to the holiday bake-off—which had 95% participation from our MA machine shop— employees also enjoyed holiday parties and time off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. These perks give employees a chance to get to know each other better at work and unwind with their families at home.

We’re planning more fun events on our calendar, too. There’s talk of a chili cookoff for the Super Bowl in February and a rib cookoff during the summer. Plus, it’s not unheard of for Kristin to shut down the shop for an afternoon and take the team ax throwing as a stress reliever.

Interesting work

The work at Peerless Precision is interesting because it’s not monotonous. We don’t do high-volume production, so moving on to the next job is always a new experience.

Our management team continuously looks for ways to improve our aerospace machining and American defense manufacturing services—and we always welcome new ideas from our workers. We’re even introducing an employee engagement survey to learn how to enhance the work environment.

Continuous growth

Peerless Precision is constantly growing. As we bring in new customers—and get more work from current customers—we plan to expand our team.

Although we have employees in our ISO-certified machine shop getting ready to retire, new hires can learn from these experienced workers before they leave and complete a smooth transition.

Team-Building Is a Priority a Peerless Precision

We designed Peerless Precision’s culture this way to promote team-building. Exciting projects and growth opportunities keep employees engaged. Fun activities allow them to find common ground and interests.

Let’s face it: when employees like each other, they work together better. And a team with a long history of collaboration takes excellent care of its customers.

How Our Culture Benefits Precision Machining Customers

Fostering a positive culture unites Peerless Precision employees as a team. Personal connections make workers want to stick around the shop for a long time. Our employee tenure ranges from three to nearly 30 years, with an average span of 10 to 15 years.

The longer employees stay with us, the more experienced they become with our equipment. They also learn more about our customers and the best ways to meet their needs. Over time, employees become more efficient at producing quality parts.

Quality begins with employees who care, and our employees care about the work, their team, and our customers.

Join Our Team!

Peerless Precision is the place for you if you’re looking for a shop that has fun, values hard work, and encourages growth.

Check out our careers page for the latest openings at our ISO-certified machine shop.

Or contact us to learn how to start your career at Peerless Precision.

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